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Ecosse - Whisky mythique


Whisky specialists

In individual products, several bottles will be available: Great Whiskies of the World, Whisky of Scotland, Whiskies Peaty, Japanese Whisky…

Sélection par des experts

Composed of whisky specialists, a member of the team tastes and chooses exceptional whiskies before offering them for sale. Rare bottles…. and sometimes unique.

The delivery of your whisky is prepared in secure packaging and entrusted to one of the most reliable carriers, UPS. Delivery in metropolitan France in 2 working days

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For any pre-purchase questions about a bottle of whisky or rum offered for purchase on the site, for a follow-up delivery or another question, click here to contact us by email or call 03 66 72 43 48

the art of whisky tasting


Enjoy your whiskies in warm, friendly places

prenez votre temps

Whisky deserves time to be enjoyed

Un verre idéal

Choose a Tulip-style glass to allow the aromas to focus at the top


Discovery initiation sessions or refresher sessions for experienced amateurs, choose your theme or we took your private session at home!

Find out what our customers think

Notice of people who ordered a bottle of whisky

"Beautiful experience that this whisky tasting. A speaker inhabited by his passion and clearly want ingested, interesting products tasted and discovered. We w
ere fortunate to be sitting at the table closest to the speaker. It certainly played a role in the quality of the exchanges we had with him.


"A very pleasant tasting in the beautiful setting of the Hermita
ge Gantois.The whisky tasting worker is very competent, pleasant and does not take himse
lf seriously.

MICHEL D., Ronchin

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